HVAC Blower FansPreventive maintenance is essential for your residential and commercial heating and cooling system. That is why A & H Heating & AC offers maintenance service for all your comfort systems, regardless of their makes and models.

Enjoy Optimum Comfort and Low Bills with Our Maintenance Programs

We have a maintenance solution that covers all parts and labors for residential and commercial systems in the state. Our affordable maintenance programs and friendly technicians offer just what you need to maintain optimum indoor comfort and low energy bills. When you enroll in our one of our maintenance programs, our technicians can help keep your comfort system running efficiently and effectively through the years.

Comprehensive Maintenance Programs

Our maintenance service may include the following services:

  • Adjusting your mechanical and electrical parts
  • Inspecting and cleaning or replacing your air filters
  • Cleaning and calibrating your controls
  • Inspecting and cleaning your condensate drain lines
  • Inspecting your refrigerant for possible leaks
  • Checking your amperage draw and operating pressures
  • Applying lubrication to motors

Our maintenance services and programs are always flexible. We can help customize a solution that fits your budget and needs.

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