Gas Furnace Installation Services 

Two different styles of gas furnacesGas furnaces are one of the most popular options for heating systems in the Northwest, and with good reason. Natural gas or propane-fueled gas furnace provides clean, efficient heating for your entire home, and a gas furnace has the potential to last for a long time, so you get the most out of your investment. When you do decide on this kind of heating system, you’ll want expert gas furnace installation from a reliable heating contractor who will be sure to handle the installation properly and allow the system to perform optimally.

Our heating specialists at A&H Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC are experts at installing a propane gas furnace or one powered by natural gas, so we can certainly handle your gas furnace replacement, whenever it’s convenient and practical for you. You can count on the fact that your new system will be put in place by skilled technicians, so you’ll never have a problem with the way it was installed. We can also help advise you on which type of gas furnace to install at your residence, since our heating specialists are extremely knowledgeable about all the heating systems we install, and about household requirements.

The efficiency rating for furnaces 

You’ve probably heard lots of talk about energy efficiency, and how it can save you money on utility bills, but you may not ever have understood what energy efficiency really means. When a heating system is described as 80% efficient, it means that 80% of the energy it uses to produce heat is returned to the household as warmth, while the remaining 20% is essentially wasted. Many older furnaces are only in the neighborhood of 60% efficient, which means nearly half the energy they use goes out the door and accomplishes nothing – except getting you a higher utility bill.

Most of today’s energy-efficient gas furnace models are well over 90% in their efficiency rating, which means almost all of the energy they consume is put to use in warming your household. This of course, will reflect very positively on your monthly bills, because the unit simply uses less energy to heat your household. Over the course of time, a modern and efficient gas furnace can virtually pay for itself by saving you money each month.

Advantages of gas furnaces 

There are quite a few advantages to having a gas furnace, so if you don’t have one, you may want to consider switching:

  • heating comfort – a gas furnace delivers heat at the register up to 110 degrees, which can keep your home warm and cozy
  • greater efficiency – the best new gas models offer efficiency in the range of 94% – 98%
  • environmentally friendly – gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels available
  • increases home value – many home owners ask for gas heated systems when they’re house-shopping
  • cost savings – if you’re switching from another kind of heating system, you can save big money on a gas furnace

Contact us at A&H 

If you have any questions about gas furnaces, we’ll be glad to discuss them with you either in person or on a phone call. Contact us however it’s convenient for you, and let us tell you about the many benefits you’ll enjoy from a modern gas furnace. Our service representatives are always standing by to offer assistance, and to help you decide what’s best for your household. When it comes time to install, we can easily reach your home anywhere in the region around Puyallup, Tacoma, Bonney Lake, Sumner, Kent, Graham, or Lakewood.