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Backup Generators Home Installation & Services

You might not realize just how important having backup generators installed around your house is, until a storm hits and the neighborhood is out of power for several days. During massive power outages where utility crews are forced to work around the clock, it might take some time to restore power to your home. In this case, you still need electricity to run many of your major appliances, such as the refrigerator, water heater, and furnace, especially during the dead of winter.

Generators are extremely versatile, although, with so many different options available to you, it is necessary to know what is the best out there and what devices are capable of improving your ability to live comfortably and continue on as normal as possible during the events of a power outage. At A&H Heating & Air Conditioning, we are here to not only help you locate the very best generator for your particular needs, but also install the equipment and service it. After all, it doesn’t matter how exceptional your generators are, if it is not installed properly or functioning correctly it is all for not.

Typically, generators are sold by the amount of wattage it is able to produce. Most generators that you might look at for your home are going to sit at around 5,000 to 7,000 watts. These particular generators are able to produce the necessary electricity you might need, and while the device is not going to power on your entire home and every single outlet, you more need a device that can run the necessary appliances you need to get through the time without connected electricity. These generators are going to run off of Propane, Natural Gas or Diesel. This allows you to easily run the generator for as long as necessary, and shut it down for as long as you need.

We provide a comprehensive array of backup generator system options from all of the top power generator manufacturers, including:

  • KOHLER® Generators
  • Generac Power Systems
  • Honeywell Generators
  • Cummins Northwest

At A&H Heating, we are here to help you install electrical panel upgrades, whole house surge protectors, and sub-panels upgrades for your home. There are many issues individuals run into with both the installation of a new generator and trying to decide if they should purchase a mobile generator or a permanent generator. For starters, when buying a generator, these devices usually do not come with all of the necessary equipment and parts required to hook up to your needed electrical grid. Due to this, it can become rather confusing to determine how exactly to go about the installation.

On top of this, while mobile generators are helpful for when you want to take it with you for work and away from the house, these units are easily stolen during massive power outages. Unless properly secured to the home, the mobile generators can easily be removed by someone looking to make a profit off of your own equipment, which is why the permanent generators are a wise purchase. These devices can be directly installed and connected to your home electrical grid, so you just need to fire it up during a power outage, and individuals from the outside are not able to steal it either.

Depending on what you are looking for and the amount of power you need, these are some of the very best generators you can currently have installed around the house for your power needs:
Kohler Backup Generator

14KW Generator with Automatic Transfer Switch Single-phase, Natural Gas & Propane

This device is known for its quietness and longevity, which comes packaged with a 50 amp transfer switch, so you can easily turn it on, is an excellent option for installing a permanent generator. It protects you and your family from possible electrical outages. It is also exceptionally quiet, so you don’t have to deal with the loud, overbearing whir of a traditional generator. The device runs off of natural bass and liquid propane, so you can quickly connect a propane tank in order to run the necessary electrical devices that you need for any outage.


Guardian 10KW Home Backup Generator

This is a backup generator, the device provides an exceptional wattage output for a comfortable backup. The gas-powered generator has both electric and manual start options, plus an LCD hour meter, so you know how much power you have left. You also have a 120/240-volt twist outlet, in order to connect the larger appliances to the device when need be.
These are just two examples of exceptional generators, both in the form of permanent generators. While there are other options out there that are able to meet your needs, make sure to seek out professional assistance at A&H Heating for all questions.
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